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技術團隊Technical team

We have an excellent professional and technical team, has been committed to the research and development and promotion of cryogenic technology, to promote China's cryogenic technology innovation and development and engineering application.


We have cryogenic technology:


❉ Conventional natural gas liquefaction technology (basic load type, peak load type, skid type)


❉ Unconventional natural gas (coal bed methane, shale gas, oil sands gas) liquefaction technology


❉ oil field associated gas light hydrocarbon recovery and stabilization technology


❉ Nitrogen and oxygen removal technology from natural gas


❉ CH4/H2/CO cryogenic separation technology for coal-to-syngas


❉ Low temperature separation technology of alkanes/olefins


❉ Industrial tail gas return (flare gas, synthetic ammonia runaway gas, PSA runaway gas) collection technology


❉ rare gas recovery and high purity gas preparation technology


❉ Preparation technology of food grade liquid carbon dioxide


❉ Carbon dioxide capture and utilization technology


❉ biogas separation technology


❉ Air separation technology


❉ Cold energy utilization technology (LNG, liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, liquid argon, etc.)


❉ORC waste heat recovery power generation technology


We adhere to the cooperation concept of "scientific and technological innovation, coordinated development", through advanced professional technology and modern service concept, to provide you with complete sets of cryogenic technology overall solutions, serving all links of natural gas, coal chemical industry, air separation and energy conservation and environmental protection industry chain, and promote the innovation and development of cryogenic technology.


Lead the sustainable innovation and development of cryogenic technology in new energy, new chemical, new environmental protection and other fields, and jointly create a green new world!