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關于我們About us

We, gathered in the beautiful Hangzhou, are a group of energetic, ambitious, ideal, ambitious, responsible, hard work of the new era of the tide.


We, working silently for 20 years, are the first to establish Liquefied Natural Gas industry website, Liquefied Natural Gas Web, http://www.jpweixiu.com, to build a network platform for everyone to learn and exchange cryogenic technology.

我們,默默耕耘20年,最早創辦了液化天然氣行業網站,液化天然氣(LNG)網, Liquefied Natural Gas Web, http://www.jpweixiu.com),為大家搭建了深冷技術學習與交流的網絡平臺,

Jointly promote the wide application of cryogenic technology in the field of energy, chemical industry, energy conservation and environmental protection, and realize the engineering application of China's cryogenic technology and core equipment overall solution!


The application fields of cryogenic technology mainly include:


Pipeline natural gas liquefaction, coal bed methane, shale gas, oil sand gas and other unconventional natural gas liquefaction, oil field associated gas light hydrocarbon recovery, coal to syngas CH4/H2/CO separation, paraffin/olefin low temperature separation, industrial exhaust gas, low temperature separation of gas, rare gas purification, CO2 capture and liquefaction, biogas purification and liquefaction, air separation, LNG cold energy utilization,


ORC waste heat recovery power generation and VOCs low temperature separation.


We have a professional technical service team, has provided technical services for more than 100 sets of projects at home and abroad, and accumulated rich engineering experience.


We adhere to the cooperation concept of "scientific and technological innovation and collaborative development", adhere to professional technology, excellent quality and thoughtful service, and work together with you to promote the innovation and development of China's cryogenic technology and engineering application!