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版權聲明Copyright Notice

This website is a public welfare website, part of the information from the Internet, if it involves the intellectual property rights of your website, please timely feedback, we promise to delete the first time, tel: 19550540085: QQ number: 929496072 or email: 929496072@qq.com

本網站為公益性網站,部分信息來自網絡,如果涉及貴網站的知識產權,請及時反饋,我們承諾第一時間刪除,電話:19550540085:QQ號:929496072 或郵箱: 929496072@qq.com

Upload of user materials on this website


The materials uploaded by the users of this website shall not contain any illegal or inappropriate matters;


Users of this website should use reasonable efforts to scan for and remove viruses or other infectious or destructive factors before uploading material;


The user of this website owns the material or has an unrestricted right to make the material available to us, and LNG may distribute the material free of charge and/or apply the material or the concepts described therein to our products without any responsibility or obligation;


The materials submitted by the users of this website will not have any recourse against the liquefied Natural gas (LNG) network, and the users of this website also agree that if any third party claims the liquefied Natural gas (LNG) network due to the materials submitted by the users will compensate the liquefied Natural gas (LNG) network for all losses;


LNG reserves the right at any time to remove any content posted on its website by users of this Website.


Privacy protection


In order to timely understand the needs of customers and provide you with more effective services, we need you to provide personal information including name, address and contact information when registering as a member.


However, you have the right to change or decline any request from us or terminate your membership at any time at your discretion.


Privacy is an important right for you.


We will take strict security measures to protect any personal information that has been stored.


Without your prior consent, we will not provide any of your personal information to unrelated third parties (including companies or individuals) unless otherwise required by the government and the law.


In the case of third-party affiliates providing services, we will only provide your information to third parties upon your request.


We recommend that you review the personal information privacy policies of third parties.


If your address, title (title), telephone number or e-mail address changes, you can notify us by using the contact details published on the Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) website to help us keep your information accurate.


If at any time you believe that the Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Network has not complied with these principles, please notify us by email and we will make every effort, to the extent reasonably appropriate, to improve the matter immediately.